How to Get Respect, Reconnect & Rev Up Your Love Life!!!

Discover the Proven Way to Have an Intimate, Passionate, Peaceful Relationship for Life!

A great introduction to Laura Doyle's Six Intimacy Skills(TM)

Empowered wife workshop

This 4 week workshop is designed for wives and girlfriends who want to learn the relationship skills that lead to her feeling desired, cherished and adored in her relationship every day. Lectures are based on the works of New York Times bestselling author, Laura Doyle. Her books, have helped transform thousands of relationships, bringing women romance, harmony, and the intimacy they crave.  Through the use of lecture and interactive exercises, Dr. Mo will introduce attendees to the same intimacy skills that have transformed her own marriage or relationship and helped over 150,000 women in 27 countries and 16 languages. 

Far too many women feel stuck and undesired in a tough relationship, wondering how to bring back the passion and fun. Relationship counseling doesn’t work. Advice from women’s magazines and traditional marriage books fails time and again. There’s a proven system for transforming marriages and relationships, based on your gifts as a woman and a few simple skills anyone can learn. And they’re probably something you’ve never been taught.  Learn the key Six Intimacy Skills(TM) created by Laura Doyle to transform your marriage.

Are you a woman who is committed to creating a Passionate Peaceful Relationship
where you feel Desired, Cherished and Adored everyday? Are you seeking personal guidance on this path?  Our coaching package includes 12 one-on-one sessions, 24/7 email support, private Facebook group support and all of the SWEW teaching modules.  With this program a woman will be intimately supported to live out the Six Intimacy Skills(TM) for optimal transformation.